ESPN Insider Keith Law’s Top 10 Twins Prospects 2015 Edition

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4. Nick Gordon, SS

After being selected with the Twins first round pick in 2014, Gordon was billed to be a special talent. With both brother Dee Gordon, and father Tom Gordon, having excelled at the major league level, the lineage is incredibly strong. His defense is regarded as being ahead of his offense, but the Twins believed he was advanced as a whole in 2014.

Sent past the Gulf Coast League and straight to Elizabethton, Gordon handled his own. As expected he was strong in the field, but more impressively he was adept with the bat. Hitting just under .300, Gordon is going to continue to grow into his frame helping himself out at the plate. He’s more than two years off at this point, but he should be filling the shortstop position for the Twins for years to come.