ESPN Insider Keith Law’s Top 10 Twins Prospects 2015 Edition

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In case you missed it, recently Keith Law has been breaking down the farm systems of every team in baseball. So far he was able to rank the Twins as the second best organization overall, coming in just behind the Chicago Cubs. His top 100 prospect list wasn’t as favorable to the Twins however. saw the Twins prospects in a much better light, with six players in the top 50. Now Law is breaking down the top 10 Twins prospects.

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As Spring Training rolls around, we will see more publications unveiling their top 10 prospects. We’ve already taken a look at how Baseball Prospectus sees the Twins top 10. has yet to unveil their new team by team lists, saw Law’s breakdown is up next.

While Law may have been somewhat harsh on the Twins prospects in relation to the top 100, there is no denying that the group as a whole provides a lot of reason to be excited. Looking at prospects one through ten, most organizations would crave to have similar level talent.

Let’s get into it, going in descending order, Keith Law’s top 10 Twins prospects for 2015.