Dick Bremer Kinda, Sorta Endorses Farmers Only


Sometimes dreams come true and thanks to technology dreams can come true more often nowadays. This morning something I can only describe as greatness happened on the website application that the kids call Twitter.

Twitter has some interesting users and not everything is unicorns and rainbows on the site, but sometimes a positive shines through, a silver lining that even garbage-bag-wearing Bradley Cooper would be proud of.

This tweet comes from none other than the television voice of the Minnesota Twins, Dick Bremer:

So many scenarios instantly ran through my head when I first came across this tweet. The main one was seeing Dick as Kenny Chesney in the ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy’ music video, because I am a perfectly sane human being.

Then I got to thinking: what does this really mean?

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This tweet, this beautiful, beautiful tweet is Dick Bremer endorsing the amazing commercial making machine that is Farmers Only.

It can only be taken as that.

If you need an excuse to check out Farmers Only, why would you need one though, you now have the blessing of Dick Bremer. Think about that!

Bremer is the one not circling anybody! You can trust his judgment.

So if you are ever feeling lonely, don’t. Because you don’t have to be lonely with Dick Bremer and Farmers Only dot com!

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