Twins Takes: Seven Hot Predictions For 2015

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Joe Mauer makes his first All-Star game as a first basemen

When taking a look at the probability of this coming to fruition, we may need to state that the parameters are a bit altered. If he doesn’t make the game, he should be at least deemed worthy. After all, it’s a popularity contest amongst fans, and then the reliance falls upon the manager. At any rate, Joe Mauer should be front and center in the discussion.

As mentioned in the AL Central Hot Takes piece earlier this week, there’s plenty of reasons to expect Mauer to return to form this season. Should some of those things actually take place, Joe and the Twins will be in a great spot. For his All-Star game competition, Mauer will likely face off against Miguel Cabrera, Jose Abreu, Edwin Encarnacion, or potentially the likes of Albert Pujols or Brandon Moss. Of those mentioned, Mauer has the ability to go toe to toe with all of them outside of the home runs category.

Experiencing a rebound year at the plate, and a second season of growth in the field, Mauer will once again get back on track to being one of the most effective players in the game. Expect him to get plenty of votes, and be more than deserving of the trip to Cincinnati.