Minnesota Twins To Watch Johan Santana Today


The Minnesota Twins want more pitching depth, like a lot of teams, but the Twins are targeting a big name. A name we all know and have known for years: Johan Santana.

The Twins are keeping a close eye on Johan and might eventually offer the former Cy Young award winner a minor league deal. A lot of other teams will probably also have interest in a minor league contract for Johan.

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Here is the point in every Johan piece that I make it known that I think it is more than worth it to take a chance on Johan on a minor league deal. Little risk with a potentially a nice return, you never know.

Johan is recovering from an Achilles injury that he suffered last season. The last time Santana pitched in the MLB was 2012, in which he only pitched 21 games. Santana missed the entire 2011 season. So to be clear Johan has pitched in two seasons in the past five years.

I usually am against ‘getting the band back together’, but I make an exception for Johan Santana, especially on a minor league deal. The Twins need pitching, Johan Santana is a pitcher and he used to be a really good one. As long as we recognize that Johan won’t be a savior, a potential teaming up between the Twins and Johan should be welcomed.

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