Minnesota Twins Year In Review: March 2014


Welcome to March! The nitty gritty of spring training, March Madness and when optimism ran rampant for the Twins season to come. Sure, it was cautioned optimism, but we didn’t think we’d be getting another 90-loss season. We were young and foolish. Oh, to be young again.

Anyway, let’s count down the top five stories from the month of March as they were here on the Pond.

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5. Debating Sano’s Surgery

If you recall, there was clamoring for Miguel Sano to start 2014 with the major league club. Minimal clamoring, but it was there. Then Sano got hurt. Our debate series asked if the surgery was a blessing in disguise. The results were a resounding no, but the reasons for the surgery being good are pretty legitimate.

4. Enabling Ron Gardenhire

Ron Gardenhire has some flaws as a manager. One of those being his unwillingness to DH his backup catcher. Everyone wanted the Twins to DH Josmil Pinto when he wasn’t catching and Kurt Suzuki was behind the plate. Gardenhire said he wouldn’t do such a thing which is completely ridiculous. We soon realized that Pinto can’t catch, but that’s another story. This seriously was great commentary by one of our writers.

3. The 2017 Team

Our resident prospect guru looked ahead to what the Twins would look like in 2017. I must say that it is still a sexy as hell lineup. I can’t wait for the days of Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano and crew. Plus, this was before we all really feel in love with Danny Santana! The future will be so much fun, guys!

2. Hrbek/Mauer Ad

Remember that one time in the World Series that Kent Hrbek might’ve pushed Ron Gant off of first base? And do you remember that one offseason that the Twins officially moved Joe Mauer to first base? If you remember both, maybe you remember the ad the Twins created in the spring that combined the two. Give the Twins this, they do make some really good ads.

1. Jason Barlett Being On The Roster Is Stupid

I really try to be positive about the Twins. It’s a drag being Debby Downer, but when the Twins decided that Jason Bartlett would be making the Opening Day roster, well, then it was time for me to rip the organization up and down. That simple move made so many things go wrong that I think I’ll never be able to fully trust a major league franchise again.

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