Eddie Guardado Not On My Hall Of Fame Ballot

10 of 10


John Smoltz

The Atlanta Braves have had a multitude of great pitchers over the years, but none in recent memory may compare to Smoltz. As one of the smartest pitchers to ever play the game, Smoltz paired 213 wins with 154 saves showing he could get outs at any point in the game. With over 3,000 strikeouts, Smoltz finds himself among rare company.

Although only ten players are allowed to be selected per ballot, the Hall of Fame once again opens itself up to criticism. With more deserving candidates being left out due to lack of room, there is sure to be much debate once again this season. Should the vote be open to all those worthy, I would find myself considering Fred McGriff and Gary Sheffield as well.

We aren’t too far away from the official votes being revealed, so the debate is sure to start soon. Who do you think should be in?

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