Hyeon-jong Yang Might Not Be The Minnesota Twins’ After All


Hyeon-jong Yang might not be the Minnesota Twins to sign after all. Yesterday it was reported that the Twins won the bidding rights to negotiate the Korean Baseball Organization pitcher.

First of all, the Twins are claiming they don’t know who leaked that they won the rights and holding firm that they were not informed by the MLB of their winning,

There’s even a report that the Texas Rangers actually won the bigging for Yang.

Yang meet with his KBO team on Sunday morning. Maybe due to the Twins bid, or maybe not.

Oh, the Kia Tigers don’t even need to let Yang go. They’re still deciding on that.

MLB doesn’t tell the teams who won the bid…

And to round it all out, the Texas Rangers don’t know anything about the report that they won either.

There was a lot of information surrounding Yang on Saturday after the Twins reportedly won, so hopefully you didn’t get your heart set on him. By the looks of the stories about him, no one probably is sadden by the possibility the Twins didn’t win the bidding.

Tweets on Sunday night were saying the Twins might be dodging a bullet. Stay tuned.

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