Minnesota Twins Re-Sign James Beresford


Remember Luke Hughes? Remember how he was the best player on the Minnesota Twins for a stretch?  Okay, maybe I was just dreaming about it, but teenage me like to write about Luke Hughes apparently. Here and here for example.

Maybe I just like the thought of Australians playing baseball. Maybe, the Twins and I think alike then. The Minnesota Twins re-signed minor league stud James Beresford.

Beresford, if you couldn’t tell from the lead to this very professionally written article, is Australian. Hailing from Wesley College in Melbourne.

2014 was the eighth season in the Twins’ minor league system for the 25-year-old. It was also his first full year at Triple-A Rochester.

Beresford in 189 games at Triple-A is hitting .282/.332/.349 with 68 RBI and as the Red Wings’ snazzy little tweet mentioned, he had a lot of hits last year for the Wings of red.

Beresford played a lot of shortstop early in his minor league career, but has transitioned over to a full-time second baseman as of late. Last season, Beresford played in 128 games at second with three appearances over at third base.

The Minnesota Twins also re-signed fellow minor league free agent B.J. Hermsen on Monday.

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