Report: Minnesota Twins Have Had Zero Contact With Joe Maddon


I’ve been beating this drum a lot, but here we go again. Here’s the very synopsis: Minnesota Twins have a managerial opening, Joe Maddon opted out of his deal with the Tampa Bay Rays, the Twins should contact Maddon.

The new news is that has apparently not happened. Like, at all. No texts, no calls, no nothing.

The hashtag that Mike Berardino has at the end of the last tweet, #DueDiligence, is in reference to his interview with Terry Ryan after Maddon became a free agent on Friday.

Ryan told Berardino that he would do his due diligence on the now available Joe Maddon. He has not.

The fact that Ryan has reportedly contacted Maddon at all raises all kind of questions about the search and about Terry Ryan himself.

The fact remains that it looks to be a two-horse race between Paul Molitor and Torey Lovullo, both have interviewed twice with Ryan.

Doug Mientkiewicz looks now to be a dark horse candidate.

Berardino reminded us all that this is Day 30 of the managerial search.

You can read the whole story about Maddon not even be contacted by the Minnesota Twins from Berardino and the Pioneer Press here.

The Twins do know they can just tweet Joe Maddon, right? He has a Twitter account! Or is that too advanced for them?

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