Doug Mientkiewicz Reportedly Minnesota Twins Managerial Favorite


The managing search is on and the favorites have emerged. Paul Molitor and Doug Mientkiewicz are those favorites, but one apparently has pulled away.

That’s right. Dougie Baseball reportedly is the leader in the clubhouse to snap the job left open after Ron Gardenhire‘s ouster.

Mientkiewicz is not the one anyone thought would take the lead, but here we are.

A thought process thrown around is that Molitor could be the next manager with Mientkiewicz as a successor. It’s widely believed that if Molitor is not hired this go-round as manager, he’ll never be manager of the Twins. Molitor has an excellent chance of being a manager somewhere else.

This is just one report, but a report from a trustworthy source. Stay tuned for more managerial happenings.