Rick Anderson Will Not Return Next Season


Put this one in the as expected category, but Rick Anderson will not return to the Minnesota Twins next season.

It’s not a shock. It’s a relief. @MNTwinkie put it best on Twitter, “Rick Anderson is like a poop. It’s not a surprise to be dumping him, but it sure feels like a nice when you do.”

We should be enjoying playoff baseball, but let’s just point out that a Rick Anderson pitching staff allowed the second most runs in major league baseball this past season. Only the Colorado Rockies, the highly elevated Colorado Rockies, allowed more runs.

Rick Anderson and Ron Gardenhire are pretty connected at the hip. If they weren’t tight, Anderson would have been gone a long time ago.

It would not be shocking to see Anderson be Gardenhire’s pitching coach again when Gardenhire grabs another managerial job. Assuming that Gardy wants to still manage, which it sure seemed like he did in his firing press conference.

It was nice knowing you, Rick Anderson. You were given some horrible pitchers and you did literally nothing with them. You were given decent pitchers and they escaped and found success. Yep.