UPDATED: Ron Gardenhire Out As Twins Manager


The story broke early this afternoon that Twins have terminated manager Ron Gardenhire, per several media sources:

There has been no official statement from the organization, but it appears that Gardenhire has managed his last game for the Minnesota Twins.   UPDATE:  The Minnesota Twins Twitter account has announced that the organization has, in fact, terminated Ron Gardenhire.  

The team has scheduled a 3pm CT press conference to announce the move.

UPDATE: (1:09PM) Gardenhire makes public comments regarding termination:

UPDATE: (1:30pm)  Players and staff’s comments are beginning to be made public on the decision to terminate Gardenhire:

UPDATE:  (2:09PM) Twins send email out to season ticket holders, explaining decision.  Per Eric Perkins:

UPDATE: (2:42PM)  Gardenhire hints that his refusal to change staff may have played into the decision to terminate him.  Per Aaron Gleeman:

UPDATE: (2:55PM) For those looking to watch the press conference at 3pm, it will be on television on all local television stations.  For those looking to stream it online:

UPDATE: (3:10PM)  Quotes from today’s press conference:

General Manager Terry Ryan:

“Ron and I met…and it was mutually agreed upon we would go in this direction”

“This a little bit of a difficult day for a lot of us.”

“He’s (Ron Gardenhire) a big part of the history of this franchise.  He’s won a lot of games.”

“I thank his family for letting us borrow him for this many years”

“The reason for this change, I think it’s safe to say, the last couple years we haven’t won enough games.”

“This isn’t just one person’s opinion. We decided to make this change.”

“He (Gardy) has been offered a position in this organization”

Ron Gardenhire:

“I’m very proud that I’ve ran this organization as the manager for so many years.”

“This organization has been very good to me”

“I’m out of here because we didn’t win. That’s what it gets down to in baseball.”

“I’ll move forward and see where it takes me from here.”

“Pohlad family has been great to me.”

In regards to the media: “You guys have been very kind to me — not lately.”

“I’m not done managing, I don’t think.”

“Didn’t know which way it was going to go. I had questions to ask myself to Terry. Maybe this is time. Time for a change.”

FINAL UPDATE: (3:48PM) Press conference concludes with some hugs and some laughs.  A very surreal scene for a press conference announcing a firing.  Very Minnesota and very Ron Gardenhire.

I’ll have some thoughts about all this later.  For now, I hope this assisted with your keeping up to speed!