Twins Comeback But Surrender To Detroit


The typical script was flipped for the Minnesota Twins on Monday evening. The Twins gave the Detroit Tigers a 6-0 lead after their first five times at the plate. This kind of thing was, of course, not a shock, but the fact that the Twins made a comeback in the game was.

In the bottom of the fifth, Oswaldo Arcia hit a solo homer to open up the scoring in the first game of the final homestand for the Twins. In the sixth, Joe Mauer hit a two-run single and Trevor Plouffe hit a sac fly to get the make it a 6-4 game. In the eighth, Joe Mauer did it again with another two-run single to tie it up at sixes.

It didn’t stay tied for long. Casey Fien came into the ninth inning for the Twins and, well, he didn’t exactly finish the inning. Fien gave up back-to-back solo homers to the first two batters he saw. Torii Hunter and then Miguel Cabrera were the lucky fellows allowed to face Fien.

The Twins couldn’t muster another comeback in the bottom of the ninth. Final score ends up being 8-6.

Here is the boxscore for the comeback and the give up for Monday’s game.