Twins Release 2015 Schedule


Yesterday, the Minnesota Twins released their schedule for the 2015 season.  While Minnesota is looking at 90 losses yet again in 2014, next year provides a significant glimmer of up.  Considering the influx of top-tier prospects, as well as the expected roster overhaul, 2015 has plenty of dates on the schedule to circle.


For the Twins, the season will start on the road against the divisional rival Detroit Tigers on April 6.  Minnesota will not have their first home game until April 13, and they will host the current division leading, Kansas City Royals.

The schedule also includes 20 interleague games in the 2015 season.  With the new format splitting interleague matchups apart, Minnesota will play National League teams in both June and July.

The Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates will all match up with the Twins.  Facing the whole NL Central aside from the Cincinnati Reds, the Twins could most definitely play against a potential 2015 world series representative over the summer.

A premium series against the Boston Red Sox will take place over the Memorial Day weekend at Target Field, with the Yankees headed to Minnesota at the end of July.

Look for the Twins to have some of the higher-ceiling prospects up at Target Field by the time some of these summer matchups take place.  With the All-Star game taking place at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati in 2015, the Twins can focus on winning and building upon their farm success at the major league level.

While 2014 wasn’t what Twins Territory wanted it to be, 2015 presents reason for hope.