Minnesota Twins Made The Right Move By Dealing Morales


I had a co-worker come to my door and ask me what the hell the Twins were doing. Of course, this is just minutes after the Twins had dealt Kendrys Morales and I wasn’t quite sure if he had heard that news yet. He had. I was facing a disappointed Twins fan living on the sexiness of a name we’ve heard of.

No one has really heard of Stephen Pryor and that’s okay even if his line leaves much to be desired.

Pryor has a 5.71 ERA this year between Double-A and Triple-A. It only drops to 4.65 ERA in 31 innings over 24 games at Triple-A specifically, all these appearances coming out of the pen.

Pryor does have some major league experience. He appeared in 26 games for Seattle in 2012 while sporting a 3.91 ERA over 23 innings. Pryor appeared in seven games over 7.1 innings in 2013 while not allowing a run. Pryor also made a 1.2 inning appearance this year while not allowing a run.

None of these stats are the reason why it’s a good deal. The good deal reason goes to the fact that Pryor is only 25-years-old.

While Morales was apparently great for the clubhouse, he is still 31-years-old. Morales looks like he is finally turning it on, but that still doesn’t mean Morales should be in the Twins future plans. The rest of the season for the Twins should be about turning expiring contracts into young prospects. That’s exactly what the Twins did on Thursday.

Is there a good chance that Stephen Pryor does little to nothing at the major league level for the Twins? Possibly. Does it make more sense for the Twins to invest in young pitching instead of a guy who’s best position is DH and is on the wrong side of 30? Abso-freaking-lutely.