Twins Trade Rumors: Why Dozier is Staying Put


The Minnesota Twins have come out and said that they will be sellers at this years Major League Baseball trade deadline, and while that means everyone and anyone could be dealt, there is a select group of guys that aren’t going anywhere.  Brian Dozier should feel comfortable enough to consider himself one of those guys.

Twins fans have been suggesting that Dozier be moved amidst what has been arguably the best season of his career.  They couldn’t be more wrong.

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Brian Dozier is 27 years old for the Twins this year, and has performed well not only at the plate (.239/.336/.433, 19 HR, 72 R), but also to a Gold Glove caliber in the field.  He is walking more than he ever has, and is currently first in the Major Leagues in runs scored.

Next year represents a pivotal time for the Twins.  While another 90 loss season is not ideal for anyone at Target Field, it is in 2015 that the track begins to right itself.  With a farm system chock full of young talent, it is the Brian Dozier’s of the current Minnesota Twins roster that must stick.

Looking at organizations throughout baseball that have success with prospects, namely the Tampa Bay Rays, it is visible that a key to success is pairing young stars with veteran ability is a recipe for a strong team.

In trading Dozier this season, the Twins would be getting rid of a player that has turned out to be more than they could have hoped for, both with his bat and his glove.  Right now, despite him missing the All Star game, the Twins have a second basemen that belongs in the conversation with the Jose Altuve‘s and Robinson Cano‘s of baseball.

Actually, quite the opposite of trading him, the Twins should be looking into giving Dozier a Jason Kipnis like contract this offseason.  It is rare to find second base talent like Dozier, and he represents what could prove to be a key cog towards future success.

Brian Dozier has been a point of greatness for the Twins in the midst of a relatively dismal season, and it is without a doubt that the Twins will see it that way also.