Minnesota Twins Second Half Predictions Sure To Be Wrong


Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the ‘dry spell’. It’s one of the few days of the year that none of the four major sports are playing games. The British Open and the WNBA are going on, but what about the core that you seek? What about the Minnesota Twins? Minnesota is still glowing from getting the approval of the national media after the All-Star Game, but let’s focus on the main tenants: the Minnesota Twins.

What’s going to happen in the upcoming second half of the season? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by looking into the crystal ball with our predictions that are surely to be wrong for the second half of the Twins season.

The Minnesota Twins will desperately try to trade Josh Willingham, but will fail.

Sorry that we start on such a down note, but I really do see this coming. The Twins might as well spin off some players that are older and not part of the future plan, I don’t believe that Willingham is part of that plan. The Twins will try to trade The Hammer, but I don’t think anyone is going to bite. Willingham currently has a .212/.362/.410 slash with only 25 RBI and eight homers.

Only three Twins players will finish with an average above .300.

Did you know that right now only one active Twin has an average above .300? Right now only Kurt Suzuki is the only Twin over .300 with a .309 average. Danny Santana will be in that elusive group when activated since he is hitting .328. Joe Mauer will get his .271 above .300 before the end of the year to conclude the three players who will make it.

Dark horse? Sam Fuld. Fuld is currently hitting .285 and was starting to hit pretty well before the All-Star Break.

Alex Meyer and Trevor May will be in the rotation.

Why not, eh? The beauty with Meyer and May is that there is two excuses to get them to the big leagues, both of which are valid and totally different. One, if the Twins really start stinking up the joint, there is no reason not to get the young guns some innings with the big club. Two, May and Meyer are probably already better than most of the starters in the Twins current rotation, so bring up the enforcements for the playoff run. Either way, there’s no reason not to have the two in the rotation this summer.

Ricky Nolasco will not finish the season in the rotation.

It’s no secret that Nolasco has stunk and he might be on the DL right now because of that. Nolasco will come back for a couple more starts, but will struggle once again. Nolasco will either be Mike Pelfrey-ed and put on the 60-day DL or demoted to the bullpen. Either way, he’ll still be overpaid.

People will complain about Joe Mauer for no reason whatsoever.

This really isn’t much of a prediction because this is a daily occurrence. Joe Mauer could save a baker’s dozen of puppies and a box full of kittens that were about to meet their imprending doom while stuck on light rail tracks, but people would still say that they wouldn’t have even been there if he could only hit home runs.

Kendrys Morales goes on a dinger parade.

I was quite excited when the Twins signed Kendrys Morales midseason, because he is listed at 225 the way same that I am listed at 225. We’re both lying. I do believe though that Morales will turn it on in the second half of the year. Morales has only hit one home run so far this season, but there’s no reason why he can’t bump that up into the high teens closing in on the 20s.

The Twins finish closer to .500 than 90 losses.

Let’s be optimistic. Spring Training is an optimistic time and so should the All-Star break. The Twins are currently 10.5 back in the Central and six games under .500 which still leaves some hope. There’s a good chance it could go down in flames, but let’s live in some happiness for the moment.