Meet Twins Radar Gun Tester, Nick Burdi


Few Minnesota Twins pitchers of recent memory have rivaled arms of those around the league like Aroldis Chapman, Stephen Strasburg, and the like.  The Twins have been known for having pitchers that pitch to contact and make strikeouts secondary.  Even more rare, is a pitcher on the home team at Target Field, reaching triple digits on the radar gun.

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Meet Nick Burdi.

In the second round of the 2014 Major League Baseball draft, the Minnesota Twins selected Burdi, a pitcher out of the University of Louisville.  He doesn’t play basketball, but he is fresh off of a College World Series trip, and he throws absolute gas.

I had the opportunity to get to know Nick, and Twins Territory, now it’s your turn!.

Puckett’s Pond: Nick while Louisville is maybe known more as a basketball school, the baseball team’s current 1 seed and CWS berth shows some ridiculous talent as well.  What has been your favorite moment as a Cardinal?

Nick Burdi: As a Cardinal the past three years, there have been countless memories that I have been a part of, but the most memorable one’s would have to be the back-to-back trips to Omaha.

PP: While the life on your fastball is well documented, what was the emotion the first time you saw that your pitch lit up triple digits on a radar gun?

NB: Hitting triple digits was pretty surreal, just because only so many people in the world have accomplished it, but a lot of that credit goes to my strength coach and pitching coach.

PP: Your younger brother Zack played with you on Louisville’s baseball team, what was that experience like?

NB: It was awesome to see him grow and watch him become a pitcher. He is going to be very good.

PP: Having been busy with regionals, and being drafted so high, what was your 2014 MLB Draft experience like?

NB: It was extremely stressful, but once the draft was over, it was over and my mind was 100 percent focused on getting back to Omaha.

PP: Prior to being drafted by the Twins, what was your knowledge of the organization like?  Have you ever been to Target Field?

NB: I had a little feel for the Twins since I was drafted by them in high school, but for the most part, no I hadn’t had much knowledge of the organization. As for Target Field, I have seen pictures and it looks absolutely amazing.

PP: Last but not least, past or present, who is your favorite major league player and why?

NB: I would have to say Mariano Rivera just for everything he has done on and off the field.

Nick has since been signed by the Minnesota Twins and was immediately assigned to the Twins Class-A affiliate, Cedar Rapids Kernels.  Nick projects as a fast riser throughout the system, and will, with any bit of luck, be hearing his named announced throughout Target Field, as early as next year.

Burdi brings and impressive arm and some strong bullpen stability to the Twins, and he should be a pick that pans out for years to come.  Welcome to Twins Territory Nick Burdi.