Loaded Talent in the International Signing Pool, and Potential Twins Targets

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7. Jonathan Amundaray, OF, Venezuela

Amundaray is the first player to technically make this list international. He’s the top ranked non-Dominican player, and for good reason. He hits for a ton of power, and his throwing arm is unquestionably elite. He has a very athletic build, measuring in at 6′ 2″ and 175 lbs. He just turned 16 last month, so he’ll absolutely add more muscle in the coming years. He projects as a corner outfielder in the bigs. Amundaray is another guy I’d love to see the Twins go after, both for his abilities on the field, and to watch Bert try to pronounce his last name.The Yankees are the favorites to sign Amundaray. The Yankees are always the favorites.