Loaded Talent in the International Signing Pool, and Potential Twins Targets

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2. Nelson Gomez, 3B, Dominican Republic

A thick-bodied third baseman with the best natural hitting ability in his signing class? Count me in. Gomez resembles a guy we Twins fans are a little too familiar with: Miguel Cabrera. He’s a guy that should hit for high average with a lot of power. He can drive the ball to all fields, and his approach is already quite mature. I don’t want to say he looks incompetent with a glove on his hand, but he has quite a bit of work to do if he wants to play anything but first base or DH. He has a tendency to stab at the ball, and his footwork is, shall we say, complex. Like Garcia, however, it’s his bat that makes Gomez attractive to MLB teams. Guess which team has been tied to Gomez? I’ll give you a hint: they’re in New York, and they’re not the Mets.