Loaded Talent in the International Signing Pool, and Potential Twins Targets

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10. Anderson Espinoza, RHP, Venezuela

I’m a big Espinoza fan. He’s small in stature compared to the other players on this list, standing 5’10” and weighing a mere 150 lbs. At 16 years old, his mechanics are very mature. He throws with extremely fluid arm action. His fastball hovers between 91-93 mph and comes blistering out of his hand with lots of tail. His lower body is heavily involved in his delivery, as he bends his back into a full follow through that leaves him square with the plate. Scouts love his change up, which has quite a bit of sink to it. The popular thing is to compare Espinoza to Pedro Martinez because of his size and his stuff. It’s an apt comparison, in my opinion, and one that makes me salivate as a baseball fan. I wouldn’t be upset if the Twins blew their entire spending pool on this kid. The Red Sox are the favorites to sign him, however.