Making A Case For Every Minnesota Twins Player On The All-Star Ballot


Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As you probably have heard, the MLB All-Star Game is coming to the Twin Cities and Target Field this summer. The ballot has been opened for fans to cast their vote and for Derek Jeter to get one last All-Star start and for everyone in baseball to cry at his greatness, but what about the Twins that are on the ballot?

Some Twins players that have a position that can be voted in have a worthy season of being part of the mid-summer classic and some do not, but I’m here to give you the reason why you should vote for every single Twins player on the ballot.

Joe Mauer – First Base

Mauer has his average creeping up to .300 again and by the time the game comes around, it most certainly will be there. Mauer is probably the third most worthy first baseman in the division, but he’s the only Twin that anyone outside of ‘Twins Territory’ can name so that’s why you should vote for him.

Brian Dozier – Second Base

You’ll soon find out in this sophomoric post that there’s a lot of Twins that you really shouldn’t vote for, but please vote for Brian Dozier. No other second baseman on the American League ballot has more than four home runs, Dozier has 11. Dozier is playing out of his mind and should seriously get votes for the All-Star Game. If you don’t vote for him… well, you probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

Pedro Florimon – Shortstop

This is the reason, the only reason, why you need to vote for him.

Trevor Plouffe – Third Base

If it wasn’t for Donaldson of the A’s, Plouffe would lead the American League third basemen in RBI. Sure, he only has two home runs, but he’s hitting doubles like they are going out of style. Besides, wouldn’t this be a great parting gift for when he gets displaced by Miguel Sano.

Kurt Suzuki – Catcher

Name me a catcher that deserves the All-Star spot more than Suzuki. I can’t hear you because Kurt Suzuki is the only guy for the job. Suzuki leads AL catchers with 26 RBI and is batting over .300. Don’t you want to see the headlines talking about a Twins catcher making the All-Star team, but it wasn’t Joe Mauer? I know I do! Vote Suzuki because he is one that actually deserves it.

Jason Kubel – Designated Hitter

I will admit that Kubel is having a much better year than I expected him to have, but it’s still not really All-Star quality work. Vote for Kubel because whoever in the Twins organization turns in the names for the ballot to the MLB actually knows what position Kubel belongs in!

Oswaldo Arcia – Outfield

Vote for Arcia so that the team can get their head out of the sand and call him up from Triple-A already. Logic isn’t working at the moment, so this is the next best thing that we can do to prove that he should actually be playing meaningful ball at the major league level.

Aaron Hicks – Outfield

On the other side of the coin, if this team is going to keep Hicks on the major league roster because he hit a walk-off, we might as well vote him into the All-Star Game. Let’s reward horrible play and unearned playing time with an accolade.

Josh Willingham – Outfield

If Willingham makes the All-Star team maybe other teams won’t notice that he only has 17 plate appearances and this will drive up his trade value. I think this could possibly work.

PS. Write in a Twins shortstop for one of the outfield spots. Pick Eduardo Escobar, he deserves a couple votes.