Wednesday’s Toronto Blue Jays – Minnesota Twins Game Weathered Out


Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Snow. It’s April and there’s snow. Besides the fact that it’s criminally insane that there is snow in April, it is now affecting our baseball. It has officially gone too far now.

The Toronto Blue Jays – Minnesota Twins tilt for Wednesday has been postponed due to the snow/crappy weather. The game will be made up on Thursday as part of a split day-night doubleheader. First pitch for the first game is at 12:10 and the second game will commence at 6:10.

The projected high for tomorrow is 43 degrees. If you have a rule about not going to the ballpark unless it’s over 50 degrees, Dick Bremer comes bearing gifts.

Oriniganly, the noon game on Thursday was not to be telecast, but FSN decided since they are dragging everyone to the stadium that they might as well do them both. Sweet deal for Twins fans who don’t want to sit in the cold tomorrow. Game Two will be broadcast on FOX Sports North Plus with the Minnesota Wild playoff game taking precedent on the main feed.

How does the weather out affect the pitching for the Twins? Rhett Bollinger of has that answer.

If you had tickets for Wednesday’s game, you can either use them for the Thursday 6:10 game or exchange the ticket(s) for a future regular season ticket. Yes, I too find it humorous that we have to specify regular season, but let’s laugh through the tears of snow flakes.

In case you were wondering how often this weather out thing is happening at Target Field. Tyler Mason of FOX Sports North can answer that one.

Drive home safe, everybody.