Talk To Contact: Casey Fien Talks To The Gang


The highlight of this week’s episode is an interview conducted with the Twins relief pitcher Casey Fien. We discuss the path his career took as he made his way from a 20th round draft pick to an Opening Day roster and what his strategy is when he’s out there on the mound. You can follow Casey on Twitter, @CaseyFien. You can download the new Talk to Contact (@TalkToContact) episode via iTunes or by clicking here.

Besides talking to notable relief pitchers, we also spend some time “Down on the Pond” looking at the Opening Day starters for each of the Twins full-season minor league affiliates, and a hitter from each squad as well in preparation for minor league Opening Day.

To find out who took home the first regular season honors for Twins hitter and pitcher of the week you’ll have to give us a listen, and there were actually a surprising number of candidates who’ve gotten the lumber out early this season despite what we’ve been saying all winter.

Oh, and the trees are coming back to Target Field. Heck yeah!

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