First Tweets of the Minnesota Twins


Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of March Madness on Thursday is a huge day for Twitter. A good percentage of men are ‘sick’ or recovering from vasectomies in order to watch and partake in the twittering. Twitter pushed their own agenda on Thursday by introducing a site that allows you to see your first tweet ever. Not only can you see yours, but you can look up anybody’s… so I did.

The following are the first tweets ever by the Minnesota Twins and some of their current players. It’s really amazing to see how far we have all come in a couple of years.

Perk wins Twitter a lot, so it is no surprise that his first one was a good one.

Plouffe kicked off his Twitter career with a food tweet. Classic Twitter.

I really liked Horrible Bosses. Kevin Spacey, Charlie Day… Jennifer Aniston… Oh, Jennifer Aniston.

Kind of like how he’s still trying to figure out the whole pitching thing.

While I had the first tweet search machine open I decided to look up the first beauts from some of our staff.

I literally tweeted in my first tweet. My tweets have shown little to no improvement in nearly five years.

Just knowing Paul’s writing style through tweets, emails and pieces here. This is so Paul.

Erik’s first tweet being about Puckett’s Pond makes an editor’s heart sing.

I hope your first tweet was a beauty. Now go back to watching college basketball.