The Detroit Tigers Episode, Talk to Contact EP 74.


The Detroit Tigers look to be the best team in the division, and it’s not close. They’re offense will beat you into submission and their pitching will have you doing all you can to scratch and claw a measly run or two across the plate. They are the team the Twins wish they were. This week on the podcast we are joined by Bryan Craves (@DisplacedTgrFan) to recap what’s been happening in Motown since the Tigers were bounced out of the playoffs last season. You can download the new Talk to Contact (@TalkToContact) episode via iTunes or by clicking here.

Mar 12, 2014; Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli (29) tags Detroit Tigers third baseman Nick Castellanos (9). Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In Twins news, the Talk to Contact gang discusses some prop bets for the upcoming season, review the first round of cuts coming out of Twins camp and somehow get sidetracked into a lengthy discussion of the Houston Astros. Come for the banter, stay for the beer.

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