TMZ: Minnesota Twins Media Zone: Spring Training Day 23


Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins were looking to notch themselves another Grapefruit League victory on Tuesday coming off of a rare spring day off. That was surely not the case as they fell to the Tampa Bays Rays, 7-1. With that lovely thought in our minds, let’s check out the news and notes of the day.

Here is the game in tweet form:

And if Twitter isn’t your thing:

Oswaldo Arcia and Aaron Hicks were scheduled to be in the lineup, but…

Aaron Hicks is supposed to be in the lineup on Wednesday, though.

The Twins also played an intra-squad game and here’s some Twitter highlights of that.

How many pitchers will the Twins bring north? Shield your eyes, young children.

Who is going to lead off? Possibly a catcher that’s not Joe Mauer. (It should be Joe Mauer)

Speaking of Joe Mauer, he was asked to dunk. Blames gravel. Gravel is bilateral leg weakness of surfaces.

Myself and some other Twins bloggers were asked to talk about the Twins, so you should check that out. Some interesting stuff. We kind of think alike and that scares me.

Twins play at home on Wednesday against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Game time is noon central. It’s a home game, so that means TV! Make the most of it, people who have access to a TV at noon midweek (I’m just bitter because education gets in the way of my enjoyment of nice things)