Harmon Killebrew. A true hero in the organ..."/> Harmon Killebrew. A true hero in the organ..."/>

Throw Back Thursday: Harmon Killebrew Drinking Game


Everyone who’s spent any time following the Twins has come across the name Harmon Killebrew. A true hero in the organization, a monster power bat, MVP, Hall of Famer, 11 time All-Star who led MLB in home runs six different times and a member of the first Minnesota Twins team in 1961. Younger fans may know the slugger because of the tasty Killebrew Root Beer (and cream soda too!), but this post is not for you old timers, or for you youngsters sipping on non-alcoholic beverages (delicious as they may be), no this post is for you college age kids, for the young 20-somethings who sit around in door rooms, cheap apartments and frat/sorority houses around the country. This post is about the Harmon Killebrew Drinking game.

This game, popularized because of Harmon’s great last name “Kill-a-brew” is what is called a “thinking” drinking game. Now I don’t want to argue that drinking copious amounts of alcohol is, in fact, usually the result of not a lot of thinking, but we move on. This game is pretty simple, and has the potential to get out of hand in a hurry. First things first, everyone grab a beer (and make sure to have several reserve beers on hand to save yourself from walking to and from the fridge regularly. I recommend sitting on/near a cooler filled with adult beverage).  And if you want to drink the official beer of the Minnesota Twins during Hammerin’ Harmon’s days in Minnesota, I’d recommend you grab a case of Hamm’s.

T.H. Bear looks an awful lot like TC Bear. Coincidence? I think not.

It doesn’t matter who goes first, but someone begins the game by saying Harmon Killebrew. The person to his/her left must then think of a famous person who’s first name starts with the letter K. If you can’t think of a famous person who’s name starts with K, start drinking while you’re thinking. I’d have no trouble here and so I’d shout out Katy Perry. You, faithful reader and drinking partner, sitting to my left, would then need to find a famous person who’s name starts with P. Do you see how this works? Eventually someone will used a celebrity whose last name starts with H. Any observant drunk will then blurt out HARMON KILLEBREW and the next person has to finish their beer, or more appropriately kill-a-brew.

Play continues until one of you or your friends is taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, you run out of beer, or you find a deck of cards and decide to play circle of death.

Notes: If you use a 1-name celebrity like Cher or Madonna, play reverses direction and you use the last letter of their first name.

Remember kids, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Make sure to drink responsibly.


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