Baseball, I love you


I wrote this poem just for baseball
a poem about love, not what I usually do
I mostly write from my darker side ,
Dontcha know? Like injuries and losses and lack of starting pitching
I haven’t had an easy ride in recent memory
abused, misused, past glories long forgotten
an alcoholic, depressive with attempts at suicide
there’s probably nothing that I haven’t tried

I wrote this poem just for baseball
It’s about love, not what i usually do
I know so much about your history
and yet still I want to be with you
you haven’t made it easy either,
the loss of the trees in center and moving Mauer from behind the dish.
I probably haven’t told you, because I’m scared to say
to say I love you in case you go away

You are my inspiration to survive
to change the way I live my life
You are my one and only goal
to turn to you and not alcohol
You’re going to make me happy, we’ll give it our best shot
I do love you, you’re the one good thing that I’ve got


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