Sunday Confessional: I Almost Stole Something From Work


I’m no thief. Hell, I can’t even claim that I’ve stolen a heart. I walk the straight and narrow as straight as one can without going crazy. I love a lot of things and the Minnesota Twins are high on that list of things. My inner thief started to show when I showed up to work on Saturday.

Now, I’m sure we’ve all stolen a pen or two from work. Intentionally or unintentionally, but most of us do not work at a radio station. Working at a radio station you do get some perks. For example, you wouldn’t believe the songs that are released as singles that are absolute crap. You can hear a lot of them if you listen to the whole singles CDs that the record companies send out.

I work (part-time) at KDUZ/KARP/KGLB in Hutchinson, Minnesota and we are a member of the Treasure Island Baseball Network, which is the fancy sponsored name for the Twins Radio Network. Between the three stations we carry every single Twins game that goes over the air and the Twins do send out some perks for that.

We have a cool wood plaque shaped like home plate that states our status as an affiliate. John Gordon showed up at the offices a couple years ago and on the news director’s wall there is a picture of him and Gordo together which was signed with his tagline of ‘Touch ‘Em All.’ Neither of these are what caught my eye on Saturday.

There’s a new addition to the Twins garb at the station and it’s very new due to its All-Star Game tie-in. Hanging nicely on the wall is a framed picture of the logos that have correlated with the three MLB All-Star games that have been held in Minnesota along with three autographs: Tony Oliva, Ron Gardenhire and Tom Brunansky.

The Twins have had a lot bigger names than Gardy and Bruno, but it’s just so neat. It’s a rarity, well put together and something that any collector would want to get their hands on. I can’t get my hands on it, but I have a picture of it and something to stare at during the commercial breaks.