TMZ: Minnesota Twins Media Zone: Spring Training Day 4


Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

This is ridiculous. All of this snow and no visibility and the ending up in the ditch is just irritating. After ending up in the ditch and making my ‘come rescue me’ calls, my first text was ‘I’m ready to move to Tennessee.’ I was only half joking. Let’s take the TMZ train down to sunny Florida and melt the ditch snow off my boots.

Everybody is in Florida. Let’s get this part started.

We have a Terry Ryan update.

Brian Dozier is hurt. He and his hair are going to be fine.

Ron Gardenhire is getting a mancrush on another old player which is typical. Come on down, Kurt Suzuki.

Pedro Florimon stopped by the club after his surgery earlier in the week.

The future, Conan? Here’s Kyle Gibson and his wicked change.

The Vanimal is less of an animal. Vance Worley has lost some weight in hopes of not losing so much.

The Twins are going to play the Twins and ten bucks says there no way that it doesn’t end in a tie.

Snow, snow go away, come again after the Twins make a remarkable playoff run.