Voters Were Right With Twins Wins


Last week, I posted an article documenting what could very well become the start of my gambling addiction. Honestly, since last Wednesday, I have checked every single day to see if the Over/Under Regular Season Win Total lines were released or not. On Sunday, the first lines from Vegas were released, and much to my surprise the Twins number was right along with how you all voted.

Of the 90 people who took part in my poll, 49 of you voted for 71 wins or more, which is 54% of the votes. In Vegas, at the Las Vegas Hilton Sportsbook, the opening line for the over/under wins for the Twins in 2014 is 71.5 wins. This line turns out to be 3.5 wins higher than my projection of 68 wins and something I would clearly take the under on in this case. Looks like next year I will need to ask the fans for their guesses first before I make my own prediction on the Twins win line.

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A sportsbook place in Reno, Nevada called Atlantis, released their over/under lines last Thursday and disagree quite a bit with the Hilton in Sin City. The line they have for the Twins is 65.5 wins. Now, I may not be the smartest person in the world by any streeeeeetch of imagination, but something tells me I could really profit from my prediction if I took the over on the 65.5 wins and the under on the 71.5 with my projection of 68 wins. However, my passion and emotion for the Twins really skews the idea in my head. What I think should happen and what will happen could end up being two totally different outcomes I did not see coming at all. I guess that is why it is called gambling, amirite?

While I could go all day about the Twins and their lines in Vegas, some of the other lines in the AL Central help predict what the standing may end up as at the end of the year. The Detroit Tigers are the favorites in the Central with an over/under of 89.5 wins this year. Personally, I would take the over on this line as the Tigers have the deepest rotation in the Central as well as a stacked offensive lineup. Cleveland Indians, at exactly 80 wins, have the 2nd highest over/under in the Central as they look to try and make the playoffs again after going 92-70 last season. I do not see the Indians finishing below .500 after the remarkable season they had last year, so I would take the over. Third in the Central would be the Royals at 79.5 wins. I personally think they will be over .500 again this year and leapfrog the Indians in the standings. I would take the over on the Royals in a heartbeat. After the Royals, Vegas has the White Sox at 77 wins, ultimately leaving the Twins projected to finish in the cellar of the Central. The White Sox at 77 wins is simply too high in my opinion, especially after the season they had just a year ago by finishing at 63-99.

How Vegas Has The AL Central Finishing:

Tigers 89.5
Indians 80
Royals 79.5
White Sox 77
Twins 71.5

Even though I am hypothetically dishing out gambling advice on my new found addiction…habit…call it what you may, this releasing of the Over/Under lines is a glorious sign the regular season is just right around the corner. Toss in the heat wave the Twin Cities has seen lately, and it is beginning to feel like late March, early April out there! However, if you are any place that is over 60 degrees and Sunny, don’t be a one-upper and tell me how awesome the weather is or about your sun tan. I don’t care.

Now, like most winters in the Midwest, as were all getting use to the melting snow and playing catch in sweatshirt-like weather, Mother Nature is going to dash our hopes of any early spring with another snowstorm. Thus, we will be forced to watch Spring Training coverage from our igloos, ice shacks, and snowed in houses while wrapped up in blankets. Sweet life we live in the Midwest, but all hope is not lost. On the bright side, Opening Day is only 39 days away for the Twins! This means you have 39 days to get your future bets in on the Twins, or any team for that matter, and their over/under for wins.

However, you only have an hour or less to get to the nearest convenience store and buy some lottery tickets for tonight’s big drawing!!! Big money, big money, no whammy!

Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when you’re ahead.” – Jackie Robinson