Edited for Questionable Material, a Saga


I recently came up with what may or may not have been a great idea to raise money and awareness for the search for a cure to breast cancer involving Twins hopeful Jason Kubel. I dubbed said idea “Boobs for Koobs.” I’d like to tell you about it, to recreate that great idea, but the post has been edited based on the possibility that it may have offended someone. Somewhere the writers of the constitution, the bill of rights, our fore fathers, are turning over in their graves. Freedom of speech! Freedom no longer.

This is how it now appears “edited by XXXXX to remove questionable material”

I hope you liked my “questionable” idea, if you read it, most likely you did not, and for that I am truly sorry. Try to imagine something amazing. Something involving Koobs. And boobs.

This concludes my saga.


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