Sunday Confessional: Greg Maddux Having No Logo Bugs Me


Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There are things that shouldn’t bug me in life, but they do anyway. Greg Maddux going into the Hall of Fame without a logo on his cap is ridiculous and simply bugs the crap out of me.

If a random person came up to me on the street and yelled ‘GREG MADDUX’ in my face, I would think that that person has some real anger issues, but I’d also instantly have an image of Greg Maddux on the mound of Turner Field sporting a Braves uniform.

I go back to those Sundays, where I’d hope my parents wouldn’t make me change the channel from TBS so I could watch a couple innings of the Braves. He’s a Brave to me and I’d assume to a lot of other people.

I’m not mad that he’s not going in as a Brave, I’d be a little flustered if he went in as a Chicago Cub, but I could understand it. I forgot that he did win a Cy Young in his last season in his first stint with the Cubbies.

I just want one of the best pitchers in the history of baseball, to look like an actual ballplayer on the plaque that’ll say this forever and for always. No baseball player goes out there with a blank cap. Just choose one or someone choose one for him.

This really shouldn’t be eating at me, but it is, I love baseball and the game’s greats to let this go down without making my fuss about it.

By the way, this whole argument can be cut and paste for Tony La Russa, I’m not as worked up about that, because manager’s wearing uniforms is still a weird thing for me.