Sunday Confessional: I’m Going to Miss the Metrodome


Photo from Minnesota Vikings Instagram Account:

Sometimes it takes a while for something to sink in. It took Rachel being on a plane to Paris for Ross to realize he couldn’t live without her. It took the deflation of the Metrodome for me to realize that I’m going to miss that POS.

On Saturday morning, they flipped the button and the Teflon sky came crashing down one last time. It was emotional for some, a celebration for others and resulted in a really weird looking skyline for Minneapolis.

The Dome was the first venue I ever saw a professional sporting event in and a first stadium is always something special to a baseball geek and that’s really the only reason I’ll miss it.

I always read that it’s amazing to walk up the tunnel and see the field unfold in front of your eyes, but I never understood that. All I knew was walking through revolving doors, walking down rows filled a million seats and then literally getting blown out of the stadium. It took a trip to Wrigley Field for me to finally understand what I was reading about.

Don’t get me wrong, the Dome was a dump, a homey dump, but a dump nonetheless. I knew that as soon as I attended a game at Busch Stadium and later Target Field, but the Dome will always be my first, I can’t change that.

You always remember your first, good or bad, so I’ll say this about the Dome: no other stadium can blow me the way you did.