Dear Minnesota Twins, Play Eduardo Escobar


Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In the Weekend Web Gems, I pointed to the writings of Brad Swanson with his ‘Eddie 400’ campaign and I must confess again that I also love me some Eduardo Escobar.

At the end of Brad’s post, he asks for our support in the cause, to make the Eddie 400 campaign a success and make sure that the Minnesota Twins organization hears our cries for a minimum for 400 plate appearances for the 25-year-old Venezuelan.

Now, Brad suggested tattoos and printing leaflets, but I’m scared of needles and my printer is out of ink, so I will throw my support via the written word, the most powerful form of communication. (Says the blogger)

The original push-off for the campaign, that Brad started, listed many reasons on why Eduardo Escobar is just so cool, so I won’t rehash them here, but I wanted to comment on him having ‘it’. He has ‘it’ and that’s the perfect way of putting it.

You can just see the ‘it’ when he’s on the field. It’s kind of like a Tim Tebow thing, except Escobar can probably throw a better spiral.

He has ‘it’ and ‘it’ players are needed on a team that will still struggle in the coming season. Give him at bats, people.

In a former life, I wrote about Escobar being the Twins most underrated player and I think I still agree. In the post I pointed to two tidbits that I love about Escobar.

The first being that Escobar is the emergency catcher and I love emergency catchers, because that means the guy is a baller. An emergency catcher will do anything for the betterment of the club and he more than likely just loves to play some ball.

Second, he came in relief twice in rookie-league ball. In 2.1 innings of work, he gave up a hit and that’s all. What a dude.

Let’s do this, people! Let’s get the Eddie 400 movement going full steam! RAH! RAH! RAH!

Use this on Twitter: #Eddie400. This is what dreams are made of.