Minnesota Twins New Year’s Resolution: Progress


Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The most common New Year’s resolution you see is about losing (weight, mostly). Losing is pretty much the opposite of what the Minnesota Twins need to do, but I wouldn’t label the resolution the Twins should have as ‘winning’.

The Twins need to make a resolution for progress. The statement sounds euphoric, I grant you, but this course of action will best support the team in the long term.

The Twins don’t need to win in 2014, but they do need to win more than what they did in 2013. Little by little and it’ll all fall into place.

It’s like courtship.  Get her to like you. For the Twins that would mean getting fans back to being interested in the team for the right reasons. No longer will the fans come to the ballpark to laugh and see how bad the Twins will lose, they will come to see good baseball. No longer will that cute girl laugh at how much of a moron you are but laugh at your jokes and how cute you are.

You are typically not aiming for the fences right off the bat, you’re just hoping to hold her hand, take her on the dance floor and end the night with a kiss on her daddy’s front stoop. That’s all the Twins need to do in 2014.

All we need is a taste. We can deal with the bra straps in 2015.