Weekend Web Gems: HOF, PEDs and Memories


Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been thrown off all week. With the holiday being in the middle of the week, it’s been a weird week. It never quite not felt like the weekend, but yet here we are again at the weekend. Of course, the weekend means another edition of the Minnesota Twins Weekend Web Gems!

Twins Fan From Afar asks and blogs about a question that I have asked myself a lot and had multiple debates about with friends and family. Would I have taken PEDS? Here’s what Afar’s take is.

Hall of Fame voting is almost done. Jim Crikket from Knuckleballs! breaks down his own HOF ballot, his parameters and gets some stuff of his chest. A fantastic read.

Our Brad Swanson broke down his list of what he wishes for the Minnesota Twins over at Kevin Slowey Was Framed!. I am still allowing Christmas lists because I haven’t had all of my Christmases yet. Timing is everything.

Need a break down of the pitching situation for the Minnesota Twins? Head on over to The Tenth Inning Stretch for further details.

Strikeouts are very important. How do the Twins do in the ol’ strikeouts per nine category? John Swol over at Twins Trivia examined just that.

Twins Daily is breaking down the top 13 stories of 2013. At the time of posting the WWG, they have number 13 and 12 up. Keep checking Twins Daily for the rest of the series.

Over at 1500ESPN, Patrick Reusse tells us that 2014 will be a better year for the Twin Cities sports scene. As a fan of every team in this market, I personally say ‘thank goodness!’.

MPR is reporting that we might be able to buy a couple seats from the Metrodome after all. They look to be pretty reasonable. (My birthday is in March, guys)

Shameless self-promotion: Over at my personal blog, I wrote about my own personal favorite Metrodome memories. A lot of Twins stuff and a couple Vikings stories, too.

Weekly reminder to check out the Star Tribune countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting clock.

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