Beanie Ballz: The Epitome of the Minnesota Twins


Gather around kids, Uncle Collin has a story to tell.

Early on Wednesday, as I rose from my bed and walked down the stairs, I suddenly realized something was different. The stockings were gone and appeared on the couches billowing with candy, sweets and packages. One by one, we tore open our gifts that ol’ Saint Nick had brought and that’s when a certain one caught my eye.

Beanie Ballz.

Santa Claus had brought me a Beanie Ballz (see the picture above) which is a form of Beanie Baby, but instead of being an animal of some sort, it’s a ball-shaped human with a face, arms and feet.

Santa knowing me so well brought me a Beanie Ballz that was decked out in Minnesota Twins garb. The first thing I did was throw him to my dad, because what else would two men do when given a plush ball for Christmas?

I instantly realized the Beanie Ballz was perfect for throwing and not until many hours later did I notice the message on the inside of the tag.


The tag had to be tested. I rolled the Beanie Ballz across the floor… it settled right on its face. I rolled it again, same thing. A third time ended in the same result. I was getting pretty disappointed. The Beanie Ballz is awesome to start with, but if this thing would land on its feet every time it was rolled, I’d be in heaven.

The fourth time I rolled the Beanie Ballz it finally landed on its feet. Next, I kicked it and it landed on its feet, again. It was finally doing what it was supposed to do. Then it hit me. The Beanie Ballz is the epitome of the Minnesota Twins.

The last three seasons the Minnesota Twins have fallen on their face. We’re not going to rehash that because it’s a festive time of year. What we need to realize that the Minnesota Twins, like the Beanie Ballz, will land on their feet… eventually. It might take a while, but when it happens it will be worth it.

Just keep the faith and keep rolling. They always land on their feet.