Sunday Confessional: I’m Now Content With the Twins Starting Rotation


Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday Confessional: A series where editor Collin Kottke confesses something on Sundays. Seems simplistic enough. We’ll see.

Earlier this week, I made a game show out of the Mike Pelfrey or Bronson Arroyo question. On Saturday, we probably got the answer to the question when the Minnesota Twins reportedly signed Pelfrey to a two-year deal. The move doesn’t concretely mean that Bronson Arroyo isn’t going to be a Twin, but it makes it much more unlikely. As soon as I say that though, I remember that this offseason has been unlike any other for the Twins. Nothing can surprise me about this offseason anymore.

Let’s just assume that the Twins are going to stand pat in the starting pitching department after this last move. I must confess that I am satisfied with this starting rotation, considering where it came from.

Stats can be shoved down all of our throats, and I know that I partake in that on occasion, but the most mundane of baseball fans could have told you just by the eye test that the Twins starting rotation was completely horrid. It’s exponentially better now.

Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes are not aces for a competitive team, but they are Godsends compared to the arms being tossed out last year. I have faith in Kevin Correia. Let’s face it, he was a lot better than what Twins fans thought they were getting before last season. I’m willing to take a two-year flyer on Pelfrey, another year removed from Tommy John, too.

That’s four solid starters, at least solid enough for a .500ish team. That’s all realistic Twins fans can be asking for, right?

If the Twins go into Opening Day in Chicago with this starting rotation with whatever fifth starter they choose after the options game is played, I’m going to be more than content.

Now, if Ricky Nolasco isn’t crowned the Opening Day or Target Field Opening Day starter… Well, then I might be singing a sadder song.