Weekend Web Gems: Bullets, Exes & Expectations


Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that escalated quickly. I mean that hot stove really got hot fast. Brick killed a guy…. With a trident!

Why Anchorman? Why not Anchorman?

The hot stove really did quite heat up across Major League Baseball while the coldness swept across Twins Territory, but that coldness doesn’t mean we don’t have some hot click link thingers for ya’ll.

Let’s hop into the Weekend Web Gems!

You want to know what your ex is up to. You know you want to, so you go to Facebook and Facebook stalk. For ex-Twins you can just click on over to Twinkie Town and Jesse will set you up.

The Twins made some big ol’ singings, but what should we expect from them? Parker Hageman breaks down what our expectations of Phil Hughes should be over at Twins Daily.

If you are a pitcher, making someone swing-and-miss is a really good thing. Edward Thoma at Baseball Outsider lists out how individual Twins do in that category.

John Swol at Twins Trivia has a couple of things for you to check out. One) Not many players have played more than ten years for the Twins. Two) The Twins don’t really let their pitchers pitch too much

Our own Brad Swanson posts at his own blog, Kevin Slowey was Framed!, that the Twins dodged a bullet when they weren’t the winners  in the Jarrod Saltalamacchia sweepstakes.

Where would new found ace Ricky Nolasco fit in the other rotations around the American League Central? Derek Wetmore of 1500ESPN asked and answered that very question.

Michael Rand of the Star Tribune has a video interview with Ricky Nolasco where they talk baseball, nice cars and have an awkward handshake at the conclusion of the video. It’s worth a gander.

Sometime over this past Thanksgiving weekend, I made a permanent Web Gems section of our Puckett’s Pond site. You can see it on the top banner of the site or check it out here. Check out our Twins friends… or at least we hope they are our friends!

T.C. talked to me on Twitter. I did a jig of happiness.

Umm… Hear me out on this one. My ex-girlfriend, whom I’m still close friends with, really likes One Direction. One Direction released a new album. I think it’s good, quite good actually. Seth Stohs was on the Talk to Contact podcast and said he is kind of a fan of 1D, so I think that helps my credibility.

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