Sunday Confessional: I Didn’t Believe the Minnesota Twins Would Spend This Offseason


Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday Confessional: A series where Senior Editor Collin Kottke confesses something on Sundays. Seems simplistic enough, we’ll see.

Let’s make something clear from the very beginning, I am a curmudgeon. I get cranky and I don’t really give my teams a great chance to prove themselves before I complain. Terry Ryan is making me feel quite bad.

Coming into this offseason, I was not very certain that the Minnesota Twins would actually spend money. It seems like every year that Twins fans get the song and dance of ‘Oh, of course we are going to spend money.’ Kevin Correia and Mike Pelfrey isn’t the money spending that Twins fans want.

Twins fans want the Twins to actually spend some money, real money to real players. Spend money on people who might make an actual difference on the team. The Twins have done just that.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the Twins signed Ricky Nolasco. This move got my attention, but my curmudgeon ways told me to not get too excited.

On Saturday, La Velle E. Neal of the Star Tribune reported that the Twins will sign Phil Hughes. Okay, I’m sold. The Twins are going to spend money and I love it.

Twins fans are getting an early Christmas this year it seems with all of these signings. These signing also give me hope that the Twins might actually bring back that A.J. Pierzynski (which Neal also says is still a strong possibility).

I must admit to you the reader, even if you are a stray passerby, that I did not believe. I did not believe in the Twins ability to open their wallets and commence in the handing out of money. I did not believe that Terry Ryan had the capacity to sign someone with some name recognition from outside of the organization. I did not believe in the Minnesota Twins.

I didn’t believe the Twins would spend money this offseason, tar and feather me if you must.