Weekend Web Gems: Poker, Floyd and The Beatles



Brad Mills


It snowed yesterday.  The Twins haven’t made any significant moves in almost two weeks. Clete Thomas is gone now. It’s been rough, slow and uneventful… this is a children’s site, otherwise I’d make a joke there.

Here is a short amount of Minnesota Twins links because, frankly, there hasn’t been anything to talk about since Joe Mauer got moved to first.

Weekend Web Gems to follow the colon and dashy line:


Phil Mackey of 1500ESPN highlights the price of poker for free agents. Phil likes poker and writers as a whole like analogies, plus it’s a good read.


Myjah over at Twinkie Town highlights the other ex-Twins that could end up signing back in Minnesota other than the often mention Johan Santana, AJ Pierzynski and Matt Garza.

EDITOR’S SIDENOTE: Last night via Twitter, myjah and I had about a two-hour long discussion on The Beatles and the offshoots of that, like how amazing George Harrison was. Myjah is the best.


Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press reported the Twins have interest in two more starting pitchers in Gavin Floyd and Chris Capuano. Read about it here.


Collin’s mini-music column:

Check out any George Harrison, especially his “All Things Must Pass” album, which apparently isn’t on Spotify, but you are smart people and you’ll find it somehow.

Check out this Beatles track to tie you over until you come across George somewhere.

Bruce Springsteen releases a new single on Monday. A nice little cover number entitled “High Hopes”.

Garth Brooks releases a new box-set full of brand new covers on Thanksgiving/Black Friday. I’ll be obsessed with that for a while, so I apologize in advance to my Twitter followers.