Weekend Web Gems: Mauer, Baggy and Truckin’


Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

For it being the middle of November, it was an eventful week at the Pond. We had action on the Twins front which is fun and it keeps the ice from totally freezing over our waters.

Let’s just jump right into the Weekend Web Gems!

Monday, November 11, 2013 will always be remembered as the day that the Minnesota Twins announced that Joe Mauer would no longer be a catcher would now be their first baseman. The Pond had it covered:

I told you about how Mauer is now overpaid playing first.

Erik Williams talked about what the Twins need to do behind the plate now without Mauer.

Tim Whittenberger told us all about the upside of moving Mauer to first.

Of course, everyone around the web had their take and spin on the story, Jesse over at Twinkie Town put a great collection of them together.

Michael Rand had a couple cool pieces over at the Star Tribune’s website. First, he reminds us that some pretty prominent former Twins have also switched positions. Second, Rand wonders if the Twins can break the curse of A.J. Pierzynski via reunion.

Skipping stones is encourage here at the Pond and Cody Christie kinda does that at Twins Daily. He talks about the ripple effects that Joe Mauer’s move to first has on everybody.

Also at Twins Daily our own Brad Swanson highlights who he thinks the top ten starting pitchers the Twins should go after.

Do you have great memories of the Metrodome? Good news! You can buy the Dome’s pitching mound and… the BAGGY! Yes, the right field wall baggy can be yours if the price is right. The state is auctioning off these items before the Dome is demolished for the Taj Ma Zygi. Read more about it here from the Pioneer Press.

The new Talk to Contact podcast is up with our own Paul Pleiss. On this week’s episode the boys talk to Twins Double-A shortstop AJ Pettersen and the voice of the Twins, Cory Provus!! (I like Cory Provus)

Collin’s musical suggestion of the week: with the emergence of ios7 not too long ago, so came the new iTunes Radio portion of the Apple world domination. I came across the station Country Highway this week and it’s all truck driving songs. I love it.