AL, NL and Minnesota Twins Cy Young’s Revealed


Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Baseball Writers Associtation of America reviled the winners of the American League and National League Cy Young awards on Wednesday and the results were really not shocking. In the American League, Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer reined victorious and won his first Cy Young award. Over in the National League, Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers won his second Cy Young in three years.

None of this is shocking. Neither is the Minnesota Twins Cy Young that you, the readers of Puckett’s Pond voted for. Proven closer Glen Perkins ran away with the balloting, sweeping the Puckett’s Pond writer’s vote and the fan vote receiving 86 percent of the vote.

Perkins had an awesome year as the anchor of the Twins bullpen. He saved 36 ballgames with a 0.9 WHIP while notching his first All-Star appearance.

Perkins did benefit from the Twins having virtually no one worth voting for in the starting rotation, but his year in the bullpen should be celebrated, being one of the few bright spots in the last three seasons of bitter darkness.

Anthony Swarzak finished in second place in both the writer’s and reader’s votes. Kevin Correia finished in third over Samuel Deduno due to a writer’s vote tiebreaker.

Thanks for voting and don’t forget to vote for your Twins MVP before 10 A.M. tomorrow.

Twins Cy Young Results:

  1. Glen Perkins
  2. Anthony Swarzak
  3. Kevin Correia

Also receiving votes: Samuel Deduno, Andrew Albers and Caleb Theilbar