Minnesota Twins Need A.J. Pierzynski


Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Part of me just wants to leave this column blank with that tweet and just let Reusse say it all, because that is the less-than-140-characters summary of what you are about to read.

The Minnesota Twins should bring back A.J. Pierzynski and I’m being 100 percent serious. This isn’t what the kids call a troll, I want A.J. Pierzynski on my team… a lot.

Catcher is more than open now for the Minnesota Twins after the permanent move of Joe Mauer to first base and to be frank I’m not wild about having Ryan Doumit being my everyday (or as the Twins have played it recently, about four times a week if you’re lucky) catcher.

Josmil Pinto? Let’s pump the brakes. The Twins probably aren’t going to be too competitive this year and if there are, at this stage Pierzynski gives the Twins a better chance to win. Pinto has only played 19 games at the Triple-A level, he should be more seasoned. Twins fans don’t need another Aaron Hicks situation this year. If you’re name isn’t Miguel Sano or Byron Buxton, I’m in no hurry to see you. Sorry.

The Twins need a good stop-gap until Pinto is ready and Pierzynski is the perfect fit. Pierzynski will be 37-years-old by the time spring training comes around so a long term deal won’t be needed, plus he should be cheaper than say a Jarrod Saltalamacchia. (The Twins reportedly have interest in both)

But there’s one thing that Pierzynski gives that is more important. He gives the Twins an edge, some attitude, some leadership.

The Twins haven’t had a real vocal leader since Michael Cuddyer left for Colorado in 2012. That is needed at the major league level, I believe. A team needs a per to speak up when something isn’t going right. There’s a notion that Pierzynski is a pretty outspoken character, he’s needed.

Can Pinto be integrated later in the year, sure. A platoon by the end of the year would be a good thing behind the plate to keep an older Pierzynski fresh.

The Twins are missing a lot of things. There’s a laundry list that could fill up all the tabs on your browser and the Twins can knockout two birds with one outspoken stone.