MLB 2014 World Series Odds: Where do the Minnesota Twins Stand?


Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

“Money don’t get everything, it’s true. What it don’t get, I can’t use. Now give me money.”

Shockingly, this is not another cry for the Minnesota Twins to start spending some gosh darn money. The cat has been skinned various ways and I feel bad for that feline, at the moment.

The money we are talking about here is the stuff that you and I can make… If we are in the great state of Nevada… or outside of the United States… or have a trustworthy bookie… We’re talking odds.

An article that Jimmy the Greek and Michael Jordan can be proud of!

It’s out and about which MLB team has the best odds of winning the 2014 World Series and the leader in the clubhouse before the 2014 clubhouse has been established is the Los Angeles Dodgers at 7/1 odds. The top five finishes out with the Detroit Tigers (9/1), Boston Red Sox (10/1), St. Louis Cardinals (10/1) and Washington Nationals (10/1).

The odds of the Twins winning the World Series are literally not very good. The Twins open up at 75/1 odds, tied with the New York Mets for 27th in baseball. The two teams behind the Twins and Mets are the Miami Marlins at 200/1 odds and the Houston Astros at 250/1 odds.

The Twins are only favored by Vegas to be better than one other American League team again. Twins fans should be writing letters of thanks to the league for the transfer of the ‘Stros to the AL.

Obviously the Twins have the worst odds amongst the AL Central squads. Along with Detroit being 9/1, the Cleveland Indians are 20/1, the Kansas City Royals are 33/1 and the Chicago White Sox are 50/1.

Looking for a silver-lining? If you are in Vegas and have a couple bucks to spare, put a couple on the Twins and if it happens you will have a nice payday.

You can check out the whole MLB rundown here. The odds are from Bodog. As is everything in life, the odds are subject to change.