Weekend Web Gems: Vet Free Agents, Hicks & Ice Cream


Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Another week has come and gone here on the Pond. Some exciting things have occurred this past week; the World Series has begun and, a little closer to the Pond, Paul Molitor was added to the Minnesota Twins managerial coaching staff.

A lot of other stuff happened, too. Let’s see what happened around the interwebs on this week’s Web Gems.


Over on Twinkie Town, Brandon Warne made a fabulous list of 30-something hitters that the Twins might find desirable for the upcoming season. My favorite option, and one I am all in favor of, is the return of All-Star catcher A.J. Pierzynski.


If you tweet a lot, like me, and you are on this site a lot, like me, may I suggest to you Seth Stoh’s article over on Twins Daily. The article has a big ol’ graph of all the people related with the Twins that tweet from Single-A to the Front Office; if they are on Twitter they are on the list.

So, we can probably all agree that Aaron Hicks had some issues in this past season. Expectations were a little high sure, but he didn’t really come close to them. Phil Mackey from 1500ESPN notes that he should maybe take some notes from Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino.

Joe Mauer is a really nice guy and you’d probably really like to read about it. One of the quotes in the article from the former MVP is “Can I interest you in some ice cream?” so you know this is good stuff. This story comes from the Pioneer Press via the words of Molly Guthrey.

Collin’s musical selection for this week comes from the mind and voice of Eric Church. Church, a country outlaw, released his new single on Tuesday called ‘The Outsiders’ and I really like it quite a bit. I’d suggest you listen to it if you like country music, outlaw music or just good music in general.