Minnesota Twins and Vikings Both Are Missing the Key Piece


Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I think the Minnesota Twins owe the Minnesota Vikings a case of booze. Nobody had too high of expectations for the Twins in 2013, but the struggles of the Vikings have virtually put the Twins’ 96 losses on the way, way back burner.

A football team attracts more drama because of their 16 game schedule compared to a baseball team that plays 162. The shorter season puts a emphasis on every single ball game, where in baseball one game here and there typically isn’t a make-or-break your season contest.

The Vikings have started four different quarterbacks in their last seven games, with each and every one of those QBs still being on their roster. What does that best compare to with the Twins? Starting pitching, of course.

The Twins threw 11 different starting pitchers in the 2013 season, ten of which had at least eight starts and eight who had at least ten starts.

Sure, injuries result in having more than fiver starting pitchers, but 11 is excessively high. Just like the Vikings having a QB competition in the middle of an NFL season, the Twins had a starting pitching audition in the middle of an MLB season. Both Minnesota squads have come to the same conclusion: what they have currently is nowhere near what they need to be competitive.

Christian Ponder and Scott Diamond had flashes of really good play two seasons ago, now they both are struggling mightily.

Josh Freeman and Vance Worley came into town and many thought they would be a savior, of some sort, for their teams. Josh Freeman might not see the field with his new found concussion and Worley lasted about a month after being the Twins’ Opening Day starter.

The Twins and Vikings are both struggling. They’ve tried in-season tryouts with their most important position and it didn’t work. It’s back to the drawing board for both teams. Both teams that have some really good aspects, but some aspects that are so awful they keep the team from succeeding.

You’re only as strong as your weakest might be a huge cliché, but when that weak link is the one that attaches you to the vehicle of success it cannot bust. If that chain busts, that vehicle is going to speed off and leave you coughing in the dust of losing.